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Visiting the Peaceful Places in Istanbul

Visiting the Peaceful Places in Istanbul

While you plan to look for an apartment in Istanbul for sale, it is evident that you know the beauty of the city. The wonderful city is equipped with tremendous opportunities, a good lifestyle, diversity, entertainment and a lot more. However, there are some unique attractions that one must visit to explore more about the beauty of the city. The city is more of like a busy city due to these attractions. So, we can say living is Istanbul is wondrous but has its own limitations and challenges. The population in the town, tourism for its attractive destinations might want you to get away from the crowd at times. So, let us talk about these peaceful places in the article today. Here are the two you can consider being peaceful and lovely ones to visit:

Corlulu Ali Pasha Medresesi

While you visit to invest in Istanbul real estate, move out touring this place to have the best experiences at Istanbul. It is more of like a meeting point in the city located in the center of the tourist area. The grand bazaar has lot many things to explore. The turkey coffee, the great nargile, and cay are something you should try here. The nargile is a shisha or a hookah pipe having rose and mint flavours for a sublime taste combination. The visit will let you realise the history of the city. The place is famous to sit down and relax. Also, when you venture into this area, do visit Oasis too. So, either alone or with your family and friends, you will surely love this place. One can also consider shopping in the grand bazaar.

The bar behind the Fridge

This is again an excellent place to visit in Istanbul. Behind the innocuous soda fridge, there is a bar and live music entertainment. One can enjoy a lot of other events taking place there. The visit involves a strict door policy but doesn’t seem to be an issue as the place is worth visiting. Look out for the Pizza Emirgan, and you’ll locate it easily. Wondering what pizzeria is? It belongs to the Le bloom restaurant. It is famous for its straight from the oven pizzas. You’ll find the best ever topping here. So, if you visit, one is highly recommended to try the calzone. It is stuffed entirely with chocolates and tastes superb.

Investing in the real estate Istanbul is a worthy decision. However, you will never find a place in the world which does not have even the smallest shortcoming. So is the case with Istanbul. People seeking peace usually visit these two famous places to give time to themselves and their loved ones. Istanbul is a city full of tourism. While it gives huge opportunities to earn your livelihood, the life in the city seems to be running every second. Thus, consider the two spots as they are worth visiting.

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