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Top Villas For Sale in Istanbul, At Key Invest

Istanbul is a modern haven for those who want to access the best Turkish villas. Istanbul, a teeming and bustling metro city, is full of exciting opportunities, when it comes to real estate. There are numerous quality villas in Istanbul for sale, but for making the right choice, look no further than Key Invest Portal.

Istanbul: Your Destination for Prime Real Estate

An Istanbul villa is typically a lavish affair. Each grand villa has at least a minimum of 4 bedrooms, on an average. Typical renovated Ottoman style villas in Turkey can even command a lavish price. From outer suburbs to the center of Istanbul, there are a wealth of choices. Key Invest Platform offers the best of both worlds–city as well as country living – a prices to suit every budget, wallet and preference.

Prices are shooting at rates that are tipped to rise in the coming 5 to 8 years, averaging 15 percent in 2015. Rentals are earning up to 7 percent each year, when it comes to Istanbul villas.

Escape to A World of Luxury

Villas for sale in Istanbul are a paradise to escape to, from the outside world. Access private pools, sea or mountain views, massive sized rooms and lush gardens teeming with verdant foliage and fauna. The average price of Turkish villas has also doubled in the past 10 years and is expected to rise further, making it a winning proposition for those looking for investment. The Turkish home costs half the price of comparable Mediterranean locales such as the French Rivera or the Spanish mainland.

Access a world of luxury in just under 1 million euros in Istanbul, choosing the charming villas here. Most Turkish villas are in complexes with landscaped gardens and recreational facilities such as pool, sauna, gym and children’s playground. Villas are built on a generous scale here on private plots or within small complexes.

Airy, light, modern, spacious and quality construction makes these villas the top choice for international investors from all across the globe. Depending on where you are located, Istanbul can be a real dream destination for villa owners. So, head out to Real Invest today and access the best, prime real estate at prices that are worth their value, with villas in Istanbul that offer scenic beauty at affordable rates.