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How to Get Turkish Citizenship: Processes and Procedures

Apart from looking for homes for sale in Turkey, an additional benefit of investing in real estate is that you have access to Turkish citizenship. Thousands of foreigners apply for citizenship in Turkey annually. Much like other countries, certain requirements are there for those who apply for citizenship to this country.

How To Get Citizenship

Quick purchase of $1000,000 million property
As per an amendment on 14th January 2017, according to the new citizenship rules, foreign residents can obtain investment citizenship promptly by purchasing a property valued at USD 1 million and retain it for 3 years. Direct Turkish citizenship for yourself and your first degree family is assured.

Citizenship By Investment

If you purchase a Turkish property, yearly renewed residence permits are available if the property is in your name. Following a 5 year renewed residence permit, citizenship can be applied for. The only condition is that you have to stay 185 days in the country for each calendar year. There is no restriction on the value of the property purchased. Buying a property supplies the legal visa required for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship

Non-Investment Methods

Citizenship by Birth Through this method, you can get Turkish citizenship provided you are born in a Turkish family.Citizenship by Judgement of Competent Authority

The consent of the competent authority is needed for a foreigner to get Turkish citizenship. If Turkish authorities do not give their consent, a citizenship is is possible. One of the pre-conditions for getting the citizenship is that Turkish residence for a period of 5 years must be noted. Extend your residence permit yearly after working permit and marriage by purchasing Turkish property.

The final authority in deciding who will get citizenship is the Council of Ministers. Acquisition of Turkish citizenship does not impact the spouse’s citizenship. However, for those families where both parents are granted Turkish citizenship, the children will automatically receive Turkish citizenship.

Owning Real Estate and Turkish Citizenship

When all the rules for gaining citizenship in Turkey are considered, the best way out is to purchase real estate and receive residence visa to stay for 5 years. Applying for visa requirements, the best way out is to buy property in Turkey. Visa can be renewed each year, once you take ownership of Turkish real estate. You will then have an investment and be able to obtain a residence permit.

Citizenship by Marriage

The easiest way to get Turkish citizenship through marriage is to wed a Turkish citizen. Only after three years of marriage can a foreigner apply for citizenship, provided certain conditions are met.

Citizenship Under Exceptional Circumstances

Exceptions are there for those who have brought outstanding service to the people in different areas such as sports, culture, art, economic, technological, scientific or social. Reasoned proposals can be made in the ministry on the basis of this.

Citizenship by Business

Another way to secure Turkish citizenship is by making commercial investments in Turkey and opening up a business. Entrepreneurs generally need to get work permission for initiating a startup in Turkey.

How to Qualify For Turkish Citizenship
A foreign national can only apply for citizenship if the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant should not be a minor and if she/he is, the application for citizenship needs to be made through legal elders
  • Foreigners must have resided in Turkey for a period of 5 years without any interruption

Applicants should have proof of residence for applying for citizenship. This includes:

  • Having a property in Turkey
  • Starting a business enterprise in Turkey
  • Investing in Turkey
  • Moving to Turkey for starting commercial enterprise or acivities
  • Working in Turkey along with a work permit
  • Marrying a Turkish citizen
  • Completing education in Turkey
  • Close relation to Turkish citizen
  • Responsibility and reliability as overriding character of a person
  • Proficiency in Turkish
  • Income or profession for taking care of economic needs of self and dependents (if any)

The application will be examined and an interview will follow. If the commission approves the application, the file for the same is then placed before the Ministry of the Interior. Decision of citizenship acquisition is sent by the ministry. The file is sent to the governor if the decision is negative.

Turkish Citizenship: Documents Required
The application of citizenship in Turkey requires the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Residence permit
  • Original passport or other documents indicating citizenship of applicant (for stateless applicants, the documents should testify to the same)
  • Documents confirming the number of times applicant came in and got out of Turkey and time for which he/she resided in Turkey (this includes residence permit original and photocopy as well as stamp in passport)
  • If married, official documents confirm the identity and ties of husband/wife and minor children(marriage license and birth certificates)
  • If any Turkish relatives, the copy of the Turkish ID and address
  • Confirmation of income
  • Certification testifying ability to speak Turkish fluently ( a certificate is issued by the Turkish consular unit following a successful interview of the applicant)
  • Additionally 4 recent photographs of not longer than 1 month old are required.

The Process of Turkish Citizenship Application

Acquiring Turkish citizenship is through the governorship of place of residence in a nation or foreign affairs office abroad or with special POA. Applications by mail are not accepted. Getting Turkish citizenship directly is only possible if a one million USD worth or greater value property is purchased. ID cards given to foreigners in Turkey is with 11 digits and commences with number 9. The process of acquiring citizenship takes a reasonable time. According to the first Article of Turkish Citizenship Law 403. those born from Turkish mothers or fathers have the right to acquire citizenship of this nation. If your application is rejected, the application can be made to governorship of residence nation under Turkish Citizenship law 5901. It is possible to keep the citizenship of a foreign state even if you are a Turkish citizen.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

  • You are granted full citizenship and passport plus official documents are delivered in 60 working days
  • As a Turkish citizen, there is access to 26 Schengen zone countries
  • Visa free travel for 148 countries will also follow within 2017
  • No minimal period of residence is needed for gaining citizenship under certain cases
  • Ownership of one of the leading 30 passports in the world; additionally, the passport has a validity of 10 years and can be renewed for life
  • Turkish ID cards are included
  • Pension assistance, free education, university reimbursement and full medical assistance is also provided to Turkish citizens.
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