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Tips for Looking For A House for Rent in Bodrum or Istanbul

Tips for Looking For A House for Rent in Bodrum or Istanbul

Regardless of whether you are looking to rent a house in Bodrum or Istanbul, the process of searching for a rental home can be lengthy and time consuming. A lot of foreigners prefer to rent rather than buy a house for sale in Istanbul or Bodrum. Renters include families and elderly people  as well as vacation goers. There are rentals for different budgets and household types available at Sattigitti, the real estate listings portal to make your search efficient and smarter. To get the perfect choices if you want an apartment for rent in Bodrum or Istanbul, you need to be clear about what you can pay, the features you are seeking, the rental type suited to your needs and the application as well as approval process.

1 Evaluate The Amount to be Paid

If you’re hunting for the perfect rental, you need to draw up the budget and be clear about where your money is being spent. Spend no more than 30% of your income on housing costs. It is important to factor in commuting, groceries, savings and other types of expenditure. Income limits need to be specified and the rent should not exceed the percentage of monthly income. Along with the addition of the rent, you need to have a budget in place for utilities along with a few potential add-ons or extras.

2 Have Clarity About the Features You Are Looking For

Apart from the number of baths and bedrooms, you need to consider other features as well, while  choosing a house for rent in Bodrum or Istanbul. If you want to rent an apartment in Istanbul Bodrum or adjoining areas, other factors come into play. For the best home rental, you need to check additional features for the home such as patio, deck, backyard or shared outdoor space. Check if you want a gas strove in the kitchen, whether you are setting a home office and need nooks or electrical outlets and whether you will live on the ground floor, use the stairs or opt for street parking.  Check if you’d like a trendy neighborhood or a quiet one.

3 Find a Home That Fits Your Needs 

Check your neighborhood and the proximity of amenities and facilities in the city you seek a house in. Also ascertain the closeness of transport networks to the house in question. Check the shopping malls, hospitals, schools and other landmarks in the area. Also spend some time in the neighborhood to see if you like the community and you can manage the commute.

You also need to be close to the services that are important for you, apart from being in a safe and secure neighborhood. Choose the right rental based on the market and your needs. If you are looking for short rentals, subletting can work out fine. There are many options listed on leading realty portals like Sattigitti to help you out.

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