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The Beauty of Owning an Istanbul Villa in a World City

The Beauty of Owning an Istanbul Villa in a World City

A capital of both the Eastern Roman civilization and the Ottoman Turks, Istanbul is a world city at the forefront of leading political events for more than 2 thousand years. This massive historic peninsula surrounded by the Bosporus waters, is home to a lot of monuments that bring glory to the Byzantine and Constantinople walled cities. Istanbul has even been conferred recognition by UNESCO for its distinctive architectural masterpieces. For those who buy a villa in Istanbul for sale, it is a chance to be part of this glamorous city’s culture and ethos.

Home to the Hagia Sophia  

A most remarkable monument of the ancient world was the Hagia Sophia which has a round dome considered the architectural epitome of the Byzantine culture. For nearly 1000 years post its construction by Emperor Justinian 11 in 537, it even became a Greek cathedral and the seat of Constantinople till 1453. It turned into a mosque for the next 5 hundred years and opened a museum in 1953 under the command of Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s first president. The Hagia Sophia is currently the second most visited museum after TopKapi palace. It is known for its unique golden mosaics.


The Aya Sofya is also one among many charming monuments you will get to visit. Owning an Bodrum villa is just the best way out for those who want to sample a piece of history.


Delights of the TopKapi Palace 


Structured across 4 main courtyards, with numerous small buildings, the Topkapi Palace is described as a leading UNESCO monument of the Ottoman period. Atop the Seraglio point, this beautiful and eye catching palace overlooks the Marmara sea and the Golden Horn. It was a place where the Ottoman sultans reigned for 4 hundred years and hosted a lot of state ceremonies. No other Istanbul monument attracts so many visitors. This Istanbul palace is known for its collection of calligraphic manuscripts and stunning architecture.


Beauty of the Basilica Cistern & Blue Mosque 


This beautiful Basilica Cisten is located 150m west of the Hagia Sophia. It was commissioned by Emperor Justinian and is the largest of hundreds of cisterns beneath Istanbul city. The cistern covers nearly 10,000 square meters and has high columns with Ionic and Corinthian capitals. It is the perfect place to beat the summer heat.


Built across 1609-1616 by Sultan Ahmet 1, the Blue Mosque is one of the leading Ottoman monuments with layered domes and six minarets dotting the skyline of the city. The mosque only permits visitors for religious purposes.




The beauty and charm of owning a villa for sale in Istanbul is the best experience in the world. Choose from picturesque, comfortable and delightfully decorated villas and live in splendor in this world city.

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