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Know More About Turkish Title Deed Tapu

TAPU is a Turkish title deed. When you choose an apartment for sale in Istanbul, TAPU acquires a lot of significance. Specifically, it is the extract from the real estate registry in Turkey. The property registry office is known as TAPU and it is comparable to the Land Registering authorities in other nations. On a TAPU, the typical information that is given is the location of the property, the type of TAPU, the date of the property and archiving data and a photograph of the property owner.

Types of TAPU

While purchasing a common-hold, such as an apartment in an apartment complex, or a house in a project, the red TAPU is used. A blue colored TAPU on the other hand, denotes property which is not common-hold such as farmland, and building land.
Most foreign nationals receive the red TAPU as they purchase an apartment or villa home in Turkey.

Know More: Red TAPU

There are two types of red TAPUs. The first is the Irtifaki Kat which is th TAPU indicating you own the land legally as well as an unfinished building. The second red TAPU at the close of the buying process is received when the contract is signed at the registry office. This type of TAPU is called Kat Mülkiyeti and it denotes you are legally owning the land plus the finished building. Obtaining a TAPU of the latter kind is tough, so you need to hire an independent lawyer for guiding you through the purchase process.
In Turkey, the legal sales contract must be signed in the presence of a TAPU official. Before the official sale at the TAPU office, you need to sign a promise-to-sell contract in the presence of the notary. The actual purchase price in this promise-to-sell contract must be recorded. The contract has a legal status which is imperative for those purchasing property. Once the purchase contract in the TAPU office is signed, you legitimately own the property.

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