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Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreigners aiming to stay in Turkey for a duration which extends beyond the time allowed as per their visa, visa exemption or more than 90 days are required to get a residence permit. So, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, it makes sense to get a permit, as this could be the way forward for acquiring Turkish citizenship at a later date too.

Short Term Residence Permit

To apply for a short term residence permit, those living abroad who own real estate in Turkey or are set to start commercial activities or businesses here must submit essential documents to the concerned Provincial directorate of Immigration Administration or Göç İdaresi once the application has been made via the e-residence system. Residence permits not used within a period of six months are declared invalid.

Residence PermitInitial Applications for Short Term Residence

For this, you need an application form, original and copy of travel documents such as passport, 4 snaps and declaration regarding financial competence for the entire length of the stay. The authorities may also request supporting documents. The applicant must also supply official documents testifying to the ownership of property in Turkey. Valid medical insurance is also needed.

Application for Extension

For this, you need to make an application for extension within 60 days prior to the expiration of the residence permit. Under no conditions can the request for renewal be made post the expiry date. Foreigners need to apply for residence permit through the online e-residence system. Completed application along with supporting documents such as previous residence permit, declaration of financial sustainability and residence permit application form must reach the concerned provincial immigration administration office.

Long Term Residence Permit

For this permit, foreigners need to have had an uninterrupted stay of at least 8 years and submit the following documents to the Provincial directorate of the immigration services namely, the initial application or the application for extension depending on the requirement.
For initial application, residence permit application form needs to be submitted along with original and copies of travel documents such as passports, submission of the previous residence permit document and 2 passport sized photos. Documents should also show valid medical insurance, no social aid form government or organizations in past three years and sufficient, sustainable resources for the entire length of the stay as well as police record document. The applicant must also submit documentation proof of the registry in the Address Registry system.

As per new regulations on January 12, 2016, foreign nationals can be eligible for Turkish citizenship, following proposal by Ministry and approval by the Council of Ministers under the following circumstances:

  • Proof to the Ministry of Economy of fixed capital investment of 2,000,000 USD or more
  • Proof by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to acquire real estate for three years title deed resale restriction and a property value of USD 1 million at least
  • Proven by Labour and Social Security ministry to having commercial activities or business creating jobs for a minimum of 100 people
  • Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency proof of depositing USD 3,000,000 in banks in Turkey without withdrawing for a period of at least 3 years.
  • Proof from the Undersecretariat of Treasury for purchasing government bonds worth USD 3,000,000 which cannot be sold for another three years
  • Real estate investment or venture capital investment of USD 1,500,000 which won’t be withdrawn for another 3 years as proved by Capital markets Board of Turkey

Process of Application

Apply for the residence permit from your home country/country of residence. Residence permit to local authorities can also be applied for those already in Turkey. Depending on the kind of residence permit, further documentation may be needed such as certification from employer, bank, school or university etc. Residence permits are generally valid between a period of 6 months and 5 years, based on the reason for application and type of permit.

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