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Profitable Investment in Istanbul Real Estate

Profitable Investment in Istanbul Real Estate

Gainful Investment in Istanbul Real Estate

Now that you have decided to invest in real estate, the best place would be Istanbul the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is a famous city that holds a prominent place in world history, as well as in world cinema. It is the prized city in most James Bond movies. There are some world-renowned locations in the city which have been luring filmmakers from across the world places. Topkapi Palace Museum, Haqiya Sophiya, Sultanahmet Mosque, the Grand Bazar, the Spice Bazar, etc. are few among the various locations which we have seen in movies all over. When you Invest in Istanbul Real Estate, you automatically join the club of the aristocracy. Aristocracy is all about luxurious living and a relaxed lifestyle. You can find it easily when you play golf in Klassis Golf Club in Silivri holiday resort near the Marmara Sea (a one hour distance from the city) or at the Kemer Golf and Country Club (a 30 metre drive to the Belgrade forest area). One goes back home to some of the most luxurious apartments driving through the historically picturesque streets of Istanbul which have lovely bazaars, and mausoleums with hookah smoking people all around as if just out of a history book.

Real Estate Istanbul is very reasonably priced.

Real Estate Istanbul, is very tempting when it comes to comparing the price with the facilities and amenities that come in the package starting from $249,000. Residences come with the luxury and comfort of a 5-star hotel. They have a Serviced apartment concept which means homes will be provided with hotel kind of facilities like valet parking, housekeeping, etc. and include restaurants shopping centres, etc. Prices vary from place to place and area to area. For instance, a 230m 2 living area can come for $375,000 and a 5 bedroom 395m2 living area from $641,000 going on to 6 bedroom villas 489m2livingarea from $739,000 and so on.

Apartments In Istanbul

Apartments in Istanbul for sale are mostly located on the coast in fast developing places. Beylikduzu is a popular place for apartment living especially for students and young families because of its easy transport facilities and because of its nearness to schools, colleges, shops, restaurants banks, etc. It is a fast-developing region, and even foreign nationals prefer this area. Apartments in Istanbul combine city life with the beauty of the sea together with nearness to modern facilities.

The apartments are centrally located and together with social amenities like restaurants, banks schools, etc. They also include easy availability of public transport. They are 4 km from the metro bus, 6km to TEM Highway, 3.5 km to E-5 highway, 17 km to the airport and so on. Shopping malls include Marmara Park, AVM, Migros City, etc. Some of the good schools in the vicinity are American Culture College, Doga College Alkey German Highschool, Alkey German Kindergarten and Istanbul International Community School, etc.

Final word

Istanbul apartments offer a combination of the sea coast and modern lifestyle. All these things make investing in Istanbul Real Estate a not to be missed opportunity.

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