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Power of Attorney in Turkey

Property purchase requires granting a Power of Attorney if you are a foreign national. Property for sale in Turkey requires a number of processes that need to be completed, before the home can be yours. Most of these processes require knowledge of Turkish laws and regulations apart from a familiarity and understanding of Turkish language. While granting power of attorney to a solicitor, the foreigner can avail the benefits of property purchase process completion with ease. Reputed, reliable solicitors in Turkey can help you with different aspects of the property transaction.

Power of Attorney Turkey

Why A Lawyer is a Must for Property Transactions in Turkey

A solicitor can do a whole lot more when it comes to property transactions such as buying, selling or renting your Turkish home. Manage and conduct bank transactions with ease and take care of tax and investments by opting for POA with a trusted attorney. The lawyer can also conduct legal claims or litigation on your behalf. Before granting the power of attorney to the solicitor, you need to draw up a document that gives the exact latitude of freedom to your attorney which you want.
Additionally, a POA is beneficial because you can revoke the power anytime you need. All you have to do is notify your attorney through a notice or contact a notary.

Types of Power of Attorney

While there are many different types of power of attorney in Turkey, two are specifically concerned with purchasing a home. The general POA gives a right to the lawyer to represent you legally in all matters and some cases, though your sign may be required for approval.
Then there’s a specific power of attorney which gives the lawyer a right to represent you in certain transactions. This includes the purchase of property. While buying a home in Turkey, specific power of attorney is the usual route opted for, by foreign nationals. Choosing a power of attorney is a good way out for the procedures, processes and regulations that need to be followed, while buying a prime property in Turkey.

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