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Is Istanbul a Safe Place to Travel?

Is Istanbul a Safe Place to Travel?

Is Istanbul a Safe Place to Travel?

The previous year experienced a huge drop in tourism while tremendous turmoil shook the Turkey. Though the uproar was in the east of the country near the Syrian border, Istanbul was likewise a bull’s eye. Businesses and livelihoods that based on overseas were the immense sufferers. However, this year, the tourist agency of Turkey is scrambling to get back the same number of holidaymakers to Turkey once again.

Do tourists travel to Istanbul now?

One of the tourists who has a three-day trip without thinking twice to have a visit answers this question. She says there were not much of tourists in the city. It was off season and quite cold there. However, the people living in apartments in Istanbul are very hospitable and too friendly. They thanked for visiting the place. The small hotels and restaurants are struggling hard with fewer custom. The terrorist attacks have frightened people letting the tourist crowd stay away. The city has tight security. Along with the increased security, the government also responds to State of Emergency that makes one feel highly secure.

Businesses are going as usual

Though it is up to the people’s decision whether they want to visit Istanbul or stay away, the businesses are going as usual. The investors and property consultants mention that they have still been busy with their projects and nothing has stopped business operations. While the UK investors are tampering off, there are huge investors from the Middle East looking forward to investing in real estate Istanbul property. The fact that today no place is 100% safe for a person to live, the people respond to the situations quiet generally.

The Istanbul Scams

The travellers are mostly considered to be at risk from the small crimes that outbreaks in every large city. Pocket-picking or a taxi driver rip you off are the problems faced in every large city.

Let us talk about the scams that people usually do not encounter:

Pocket picking and snatching: Many pocket pickers or snatchers move in the crowded and busy areas. They often focus on a tourist attraction, metros or any other busy place. The take out the advantage of tourists lack of concentration.

Mugging: Though this is rare than pocket picking scam, it still does happen. If it happens to you, it is better to give your bag to them rather than arguing. However, these sad situations rarely occur due to actions taken by the government like CCTV everywhere and police surveillance.

Con artists: It is dreadful to recognize the scams operating on the roads of the city. It is important to stay intelligent here. The situation like police asking to check your money or locals wanting to look at your home currency is not at all usual. Suppose you are fenced by children or pushed by the crowd, disengage yourself immediately. It is a sign to understand your wallet is in danger.

How to stay safe in Istanbul

Following tips will help any traveller stay safe in the city:

  • Always use a taxi if it’s been dark or while you move through an unknown area.
  • Do not go where there is an immense crowd or a political gathering.
  • Make sure you withdraw money only at safe places such as shopping malls, well-lit streets or areas where there’s extensive police.
  • Do not get engaged in someone’s conversation. Listen to what your instincts say.
  • Wear the bag strap over your chest and keep the zip of the bag opening towards your body. Leave the valuables at the hotel safely.
  • Always remember, the thieves are never behind your bag to snatch. They are behind any bag that is easy to snatch.
  • The tight security in the city allows one to invest in Istanbul real estate safely and plan a livelihood there.

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