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Invest in Turkey Real Estate

Istanbul is the financial capital of modern Turkish Republic which was established back in 1923. It is a city that has been a hub of the country’s economic life. Though the city was never the political capital of the new republic, it has always been to the commercial centre. Since then it has never more succumbed its status as the foreordained capital of the country. Let us find out what makes us consider invest in Turkey real estate


Considering the economy of the city, the working, occupational and professional life in Istanbul creates over 23% of the GNP of Turkey. As per the reports, it holds 40% of its annual contribution to the state budget. Moreover, the city has a share of approx. 7% in the government expenses.


Istanbul holds over 21% of Turkey’s bank branches’ headquarters. It has a central importance of both domestic and international trade. After industry, trade stands as the second largest sector in Istanbul. Besides, Istanbul holds 27% of the overall added value of the entire commercial sector. Consequently, Turkeys 46% exports and 40% imports are held in the city.


The city does not stay back at being a popular location for tourists. Over 8 million foreign tourists reached Istanbul in 2011. The city’s one-fourth of its hotels are 5 starred continuing with one-fifth of total 4 starred.


The city is also the centre of the country’s transportation industry. Ataturk Airport is situated on teh European side, and Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Anatolian side of the city.


Turkey’s 35% of the total collected deposits and 33% of the total credits are used in Istanbul. The city has most of the insurance companies located in the city. Istanbul International Stock Exchange is established in the city and has shown consistent growth among other international stock markets of the world. The Gold bars can be traded freely. Thus, the city is a financial centre of the liberalised financial and stock markets.


Living in Istanbul is an amazing experience while people find peace of mind and smooth working operations in the city. It’s progress reports have turned out to be showing astounding results. It has been a combined location for immigrants coming up from numerous countries. The apartments in Istanbul are dynamic and beautiful. It is a privileged place for emigrants and families to live.


The city is the second largest reformer in the OECD countries based on its restriction terms of FDI since 1997. It takes an aggregate of 6 workdays to set up a new business which proves it to be a business-friendly environment. It has highly competent investment conditions. It is firmly known for its service and industrial culture. All the investors are equally treated. It has international arbitration and guarantee of transfers.

The corporate text is reduced from 33% to 20%. It also offers numerous tax benefits and incentives for the betterment of business operations. There are incentives for strategic investments, regional and large-scale investments.

Being one of the successful economies and booming as the 17th largest economy in the world, it is worth considering Istanbul to invest in Turkey Real Estate.

Top Benefits of Purchasing Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey

One of the top emerging markets, Turkey offers foreign investors world class Istanbul real estate. Purchasing Turkish real estate in the teeming, bustling metropolis of Istanbul is one of the best investment decisions you can make. In the past decade, the real estate market has been growing faster than ever in the past 10 years, with top housing projects. Turkish companies are one of the best, especially when it comes to leading global construction contractors. Here are the reasons why purchasing real estate in Istanbul is the right decision.

#1 Great Returns on Investment

Real estate in Turkey has gained momentum due to urban transformation. This is more so after the reciprocity law which has opened the way for foreign investors in Turkey. Real house prices have risen in Turkey, which ranked 4th in 2015 according to IMF, with a 10 percent rise. Residential prices are on the rise due to well designed projects and high quality construction material used. Companies are coming up with elegant complexes in a bid to outdo rivals.

#2 Feels Like Home

To invest in Turkey real estate Istanbul is unbeatable. With a population that is multicultural and cosmopolitan, the country offers a lot of benefits for foreign buyers. Find the best restaurants, educational institutions and medical facilities here. The multilingual and advanced cultural heritage of this city is a big reason why it is a gem of a place to stay in.

#3 Great Natural Beauty

Invest in Turkey Real estate is a bargain from many angles. One of them is the great natural beauty of Turkey surrounded by Aegean, Marmara, Black and Mediterranean sea. Investors who prefer houses near the sea, green areas, lakes and nature parks are a hot favorite for those fond of scenic appeal. Enjoy the beauty of nature by opting for Istanbul real estate for sale.


Turkey is a cradle of civilizations. Istanbul has been a capital of many empires. Enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace. This is the perfect choice for those who prefer a culturally unique living experience. Choose Istanbul’s real estate offerings for a truly cosmopolitan and one of a kind experience. Choose the benefits of a modern, yet traditionally sound complex mosaic of cultures at Turkey’s famous metropolitan city. Istanbul is truly a world city and opting for real estate here is one of the best choices for foreign investors, worldwide.

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