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How to Buy Your First Apartment in Turkey

How to Buy Your First Apartment in Turkey

Buying a villa for sale in Istanbul or any other part of Turkey is a very different investment from purchasing apartments. Looking for your first apartment in Turkey? Remember that this could be one of the most important investment decisions to make. You need to do your homework, research how much you can invest and how you hope to gain from the purchase. Here are the considerations you must take into account while buying apartments for sale in Bodrum, Istanbul, Fethiye, or any other part of Turkey.

1 Be Clear About Where You Want to Live

The most important decision to make, while purchasing an apartment for sale in Istanbul or other Turkish cities, is to consider the location. Be clear about where you want to live. Choose which part of the city fits the lifestyle you seek. For example, what should the distance from the apartment to your office be? There need to be shopping malls, hospitals and other facilities and amenities as well. If you want a neighborhood with walkways, you need an apartment complex which has parks. Specific considerations must be taken into account when looking for your first apartment in Turkey for sale.

2 The Price Factor

Be clear about the amount you want to pay. Consider a loan officer if you seek mortgages on the home. Be clear about not just how much you can afford to spend, but your income and debts too. Check to see if the apartment for sale fits your budget.

3 Choose the Best Real Estate Agent 

Finding a real estate agent who can help is important. You need to narrow down the choice and for negotiating and sealing the best deals, a realtor website like Sattigitti is invaluable. Ensure you choose a seasoned and experienced realty expert or a comprehensive site and safeguard your interests today.

4 Costs Involved 

Another important aspect to consider before making the purchase is the ongoing cost. See the copies of the previous apartment owner’s property taxes, insurance and repair bills, maintenance costs and utility bills before making the purchase. You need to factor these costs into your monthly budget as well.

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