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Houses for Sale in Bodrum: Bodrum Marinas Are An Added Advantage

Houses for Sale in Bodrum: Bodrum Marinas Are An Added Advantage

Bodrum Marinas:

The Bodrum peninsula with numerous amazing coves is a very popular destination for many yacht owners. Consequently, there are several Bodrum marinas located around the peninsula, which offer mooring and all other necessary services to yacht owners. So, owners of Bodrum villas for sale get a good deal, if sailing is a passion. We have listed the most important ones below:

Palmarina Yalikavak

Bodrum Marinas: Milta Marina Bodrum (37 ° 02’00 “N – 27 ° 25’50” E)

The Bodrum marina in the heart of the city was opened in 1976 under the Ministry of Tourism. After its privatization the marina is currently a company of Dogan Holding, which is one of the largest company groups of Turkey. In the summer months the marina is mostly occupied up to 95% and on weekends, it is hardly possible to find a berth. Therefore, early registration is recommended. Some charter companies have stationed their boats here, so you can admire large motor yachts and gulets along the esplanade. The local Yacht Club Bodrum organizes various races several times a year, where up to 30 yachts participate in the summertime as well as in the wintertime.

This Bodrum marina has fully serviced berths for 475 yachts and 50 berths ashore. Berths are assigned by staff (VHF channel 73). Modern showers and toilets, laundry, marine stores, first aid station, supermarket, block ice supply, shopping mall with famous brands, Yacht Club restaurants, bars and cafes are also available. Access property for sale in Bodrum near this marina to avail of the benefits.

Facilities: Technical service, professional staff, fitness center, 24 hour security, voluntary sea rescue team, a sailing club and Wi-Fi in the marina. Very central location – supermarkets, cafes, banks & ATMs nearby, weekly bazaar with fresh fruits and vegetables every Friday, textiles and various giftware on Tuesdays is about 1.5 km away. The main bus station with buses to Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Marmaris and almost all other cities is also about 1.5 km away. The marina is on the route of the typical cheap mini buses ( “dolmus”), with which you can reach both the bazaar and bus station as well as any other destination in Bodrum.


Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi

No :5         48400

Bodrum – Turkey

Tel: +90 252 316 18 60 (6 Hat)



Bodrum Marinas: Palmarina (37 ° 06’N – 27 ° 17 ‘E)

The Bodrum marina “Palmarina” is the only marina in Turkey with high mega yacht capacity and is located in Yalikavak in the western part of the Bodrum peninsula. 2010 it was bought by the Azerbaijani businessman Mubariy Mansimov and rebuilt with a very high budget. Now the marina is considered one of the best in the Mediterranean and has berths for 69 megayachts with 40m and more as well as 710 smaller boats. 140 berths ashore for yachts up to 45 m are also available. Berths are assigned by staff (VHF channel 06 + 16). Palmarina is a port of entry, and all customs and port formalities on are done on site. Besides maintenance and repair services, the marina has travel lift 100 and 250tons and Moving boat carrier 40 and 100 t. Houses for sale in Bodrum add the advantage of easy access to this marina. Supply possibilities: water, telephone, TV and electricity (16-32-63-125-200-260 Amp) are available at the berths. Showers / toilets, marine stores, bilge emptying, biological waste treatment, telephone, supermarkets, boutiques, night club, hotel, spa & fitness center, duty free shops, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, water park and a large seawater swimming pool are available, also a diving school and sailing school. At the marina, all precautions were taken to protect yachts against incidents caused by strong winds or currents. In the village Yalikavak (10 min. Walk distance) food, vegetables, banks and post office can be found. Bodrum is about 15 km, the airport is 50 km and the nearest large city Izmir is about 240 km away.


Merkez Mah. Cokertme Cad. Yalikavak

Bodrum – Turkey

Tel: +90 252 311 0611



Bodrum Marinas: D-Marin Turgutreis Marina (36 ° 59’57 “N – 27 ° 15’19” E)

The location of this Bodrum marina at the westernmost point of the Bodrum Peninsula is unique. As the wind always blows from the open sea to the lands, the temperatures here are about 5°C cooler than in Bodrum. Distance to Kos is just 7 miles. For fast entry and clearing out all necessary authorities such as customs, harbor master and passport control are based in this marina, which is also Port of Entry. Foreign boats are taken under customs enclave when the owner leaves the country. The D-Marin Turgutreis has a capacity of 550 yachts in the water and 100 yachts ashore, including mega yachts up to 50 meters length. Berths are assigned by the staff (VHF Channel 73). Water depth in the marina is between 3-8 meters. Choose top villas for sale in Bodrum and enjoy the splendid sea.

Supply: All berths supply moorings with electric connections 16-32-63-125 Amp (220/380 volt 50 Hz), water, telephone connection (upon request). There are also toilets / showers, first aid station, laundry, gas station, garage / depot, travel lift 100 t, Trailer 40 t, slipway, Hawser Boat, tank and bilge emptying, diving and tank filling services, repair service. For the convenience and entertainment of the guests, restaurants, a pub-cafe-bar, gym & sauna, tennis court, basketball field, beach volley field, Yacht Club Hotel, swimming pool, internet cafe, supermarkets, boutiques and banks & ATMs are available. In the center of Turgutreis, which is within walking distance (10 minutes), foods & vegetables, banks, post office, public telephones, restaurants, doctors, pharmacies and more can be found. The city center of Bodrum can be reached by taxi or inexpensive minibuses ( “dolmus”).

The marina has a seawater circulation system with 6 channels, two of which are natural channels and four using motors to replace water. This way, the water in the Marina is always kept clean. The collected bilge and waste water are also disposed of through the sewer system.


Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarä No:24

48960 Turgutreis

Bodrum – Turkey

Tel: 0252 382 92 00



Bodrum Marinas: Bodrum Cruise Port (37° 01′ 26.17″N, 27° 26′ 23.91″E)

Since March 2008, the time the Port launched its operations, cruise vessels are welcomed by a full ISPS certified port in Bodrum Cruise Port.

Bodrum Marina “Cruise Port” is located 36 km from the Bodrum-Milas International Airport and few minute walk to the city center. The Port has the capacity to service at least two large cruise vessels at a time together with three motorboats. The newly built pier has a length of 350 meters (1148.2ft) on the longer side and 330 meters (1082.6ft) on the inside, with a width of 15 meters (49.2ft). The draft is 9 meters in the shallow part of the pier and 23 (75.4ft) meters at the end of the pier. Other than the cruise pier, the Port has various quays ranging from 3m (9.8ft) to 6m (19.7ft), totalling to 300m (984ft). In addition to the quays, the Port harbours three ferryboat ramps. The Port has a total area of 22,000 m² (236,800ft²). The terminal building is housing all the customs offices, duty-free area, restaurant and cafeteria.

Bodrum Marinas

Besides cruise ships, ferryboats operate between Bodrum Cruise Port and the Greek islands. Ferryboat schedules, hours and prices vary according to seasonal conditions. Villas in Bodrum for sale close to this marina offer a world of benefits.


Further information and up-to-date schedules can be found under below link.

Address: Bodrum Yolcu Limanı İşletmeleri A.Ş.

Şalvarağa Tepesi, Mantar Burnu Mevkii

Kumlubahçe Mahallesi Muğla – Bodrum- Türkiye

Tel.: +90 252 316 48 72

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